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Transform Regular Milk Into Delicious Yogurt

Milk is such a common ingredient used for a lot of products and recipes. One of the most delicious things that everyone can do is to make yogurt at home out of a large variety of animal milk. There are so many secrets that can help you obtain that delicious yogurt. By following them, you will get the best possible products.

Preparing the yogurt

After you heat the milk at about 180 degrees, it is time to let it cool down before adding the starter. This is an important step because if you add the starter in hot milk, the bacteria are killed. A thermometer will tell you the exact temperature. In case you do not have it, wait 15 minutes. The milk should feel warm to the touch, but not too hot.

After that you should mix a couple of starter teaspoons with two tablespoons in a cup. It will result in a smooth mixture that should be added to the milk. You need to stir all the time. In some cases, people use another batch of premade yogurt to start the process. This is not such a good thing because you will not be able to control the bacteria. On the other hand, a solid product might make it hard for you to get that smoothness. The price of the starter is not that high and it should be considered right away. After these procedures, the mixture will incubate for a maximum of 10 hours. Put it in the fridge and enjoy it as much as possible.