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Use Threaded Stud For Various Applications

Threaded stud resembles a screw that is thick and longer. It is made up of a long rod which consists of threading on both ends. Threaded bar is used in various sectors such as automotive, construction, manufacturing, plumbing, etc. These are made up of durable materials and you can also easily assemble it for various purposes.

Where you can use threaded studs?

Threaded stud is widely used in agriculture and electrical fields for installing applications. With the help of threaded stud, you can overcome the need of various raw materials which are used in application fitting. You can also bend it according to your need at high temperature. If you want to decrease the length of the rod then you can easily cut it with the help of metal cutting saw. As it is made up of steel so it is the best option for the construction industry. This rod is also widely used in manufacturing of various medical equipments.

What are the various materials used in stud?

Aluminum is the highly used material because it consists of good thermal and electrical conductivity. Brass is also used for manufacturing this rod because it has excellent property of high temperature ductility and low magnetic permeability. Copper which is used for manufacturing this rod is a good conductor of electricity and heat. If you don’t want to use this material then you can also look for the silicon bronze material because it is highly durable in quality. Light weighted material like titanium is used for various medical applications. You can increase its durability by combining it with steel.

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