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Fire Door Upgrades – Basic Requirements Everyone Should Know

The fire door upgrades represent a necessity for more and more people. If some home owners want to protect their families or goods, the business owners should be even more careful, especially when they are responsible for more lives. Such systems are even more indicated in the buildings or complexes with high fire risks. Besides, such problems may sometimes be caused by factors you do not really have control over, such as a defective fuse or a problematic plug. If you have no idea about these problems, the unpleasant situations will arise when least expected.

The upgrades can consist of three different doors:

Fire resistant doors
Smoke resistant doors
Fire and smoke resistant doors

Each of these doors is designed to prevent the spread of fire inside a particular area, room or office. They are used inside the buildings and only in fire rated walls. Their primary mission is to keep the flames in check, so the people trapped inside can exit or just wait for the firemen.

The legal requirements are set by specific associations and agencies, so most manufacturers have to adopt them.


The ratings are extremely important, since they can basically tell you how long the respective door will resist against the fire. For instance, a one hour rating is expected to resist the combustion for an hour. When picking a door, the walls are just as important. Typically, the door must have 75% of the wall ratings. For instance, if the wall has a three hour rating, the door must resist for about 135 minutes.

The rating is much diversified and may range between 20 minutes and four hours. It usually depends on how hard it is to access the respective area. When the firemen can barely reach to it, you obviously need a higher protection. However, the 20 minute fire doors are not that popular. Most of them are manufactured to block the smoke only.

In order to understand the ratings for a specific complex or building, you need to look after the building codes.


Absolutely all fire door upgrades will be equipped with some labels. The labels represent the proof that the respective doors have been actually tested and can meet the requirements. If you cannot find any labels, you are most likely looking at a useless door that cannot guarantee for your protection.

Reading the labels is not too complicated. You will find the manufacturing date, but also the rating and the duration. It is usually expressed in minutes. Other than that, the label is given by the testing agency that guarantees for the door. It is usually placed on the door edge. Sometimes it is mechanically fastened, only to stay in place. It will never be painted, regardless of the door colour, only for the customer to have access to such information.

If you experience any problems with the labels, seeking help from a local professional is a must. Aside from the actual explanations, you may also get some recommendations and advice.

A secret to enhance your home

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Most traditional British homes have use oak beams either for the structure or for decorative purposes. Most owners have found the beams already painted when they moved in.

Oak gives a home a traditional look that can’t be replicated and that is the reason they are most beautiful in their natural state, unpainted.

When it comes to cleaning oak beams the quality of the wood has to be preserved and that is why it is best to hire someone that specializes in this sort of restoration. If significant damage has been made to the beams and you need to replace them in order to bring the old charm back into your home, then there are a few things you should keep in mind.

There are two types of oak beams used in construction today. Green oak is as the name suggests, green, meaning really fresh. This is less costly and the wood works great but what you need to know about green oak is that it will change its size or shrink in the next few years and that should be taken into consideration.
The other option is seasoned oak which is more expensive. Seasoned or steady oak, as it is also called, can take up to 7 years to become fit for use. It is dried and there for the perfect material if you’re looking for something more predictable and stable.

Fortunately, if they are not that damaged, cleaning oak beams can be done without involving any risks. The technology specialized companies use does not harm the wood structure and they take all the precautions necessary so that your furniture will be safe from the process and you will come back to find it and your home even more beautiful then you left it.

Nothing is better than a house that looks the way it was originally intended. The history of the home is the most important aspect of it and it makes it even more welcoming. This is something that professionals understand and value, and it is also the reason you feel so much more comfortable in a house that was well preserved and maintained.

Choosing the perfect garden shed

If you love your yard you will definitely need a garden shed to store all of your tools or to keep you potted plant protected during the winter.
Wooden garden sheds are the simplest solution because you can purchase a prefabricated one and install it in almost no time.

Prefabricated wooden garden sheds may need some extra maintenance from time to time depending on the type you choose. Most of them are made out of pine which is a great and inexpensive material. If you choose to build it yourself you can opt for redwood which is more durable.

Keep in mind the shed has to be weather proof so ask about the type of varnish you should use before buying it. It will maintain for many years if it’s taken care of properly.

There are prefabricated sheds made out of metal or plastic that are cheaper and low maintenance but these might look a little gloomy in your garden compared to the wooden garden sheds which are classic and easy on the eyes. They have a way of completing the decor rather than drawing attention.

Take into consideration the use you will attribute to your shed before buying one. If you want to use it as a project room you will need to fit a table in it, if you want it to also serve as a relaxation spot in your garden some shelves might be of use and so on. You need to know exactly what you want to do with it so that you can make the best purchase.

Pick a design that compliments your home. Wooden garden sheds come in various styles you can choose from and there are many ways of personalizing them. Don’t buy something that looks like it belongs to another person, it has to fit and suit you and your propriety.

Make sure you install as many windows as you need. If your shed will only be used for storage one is enough and there is no reason to make an extra investment but if it might be turned into a reading room then light is important.
Buy something you like, the design that will make you feel better when you see it, every day.