Sending the right message

Online greeting cards cover a very large diversity of events and situation that you might encounter but what happens when you just can’t find the right one?

A few websites specializing in online greeting cards have found the solution: personalised greeting cards. Do it yourself!
This new feature lets you pick your own colors or fonts, some even let you draw or virtually design your card, making it look and say exactly what you would.
personalised greeting cards
Some websites even do animated personalized greeting cards that will definitely make you laugh. They usually work by uploading a picture of the person you will send it to and the website does the rest. Making it fit so that it seems the person is actually part of the video is usually the case. Most of these are hilarious and you can’t resist laughing.
Animated personalized greeting cards work best when all your friends are there so you can all share and just have a laugh together.

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