How do you know you’re being spied on

video spy
Here are just a few steps that will help you rationalize in a situation where you feel your privacy is being breached.

• Look up. If you can see a bulky cam in the corner of the room that may be the source of your problem
• Take a few moments to focus on details. Spy equipment can be easily purchased by anyone. You can buy pin sized recording devices and install them virtually anywhere.
• Start searching the room. Don’t just look around. Start from a specific spot and go from there, takes breaks if you need to, and pay attention to calculators, wall clocks, watches, pens. All of these can hide a miniscule camera and they’re quite common. If you search online for spy equipment you will see that the models tend to repeat themselves. Once you know how they look like it will be much easier to spot them in a room
• If you can, employ someone specialized in spy equipment detection. These specialists can be contacted through spy gear shops or online and the plus is you don’t have to buy any gear since they usually carry their own.
• If you suspect your phone might be tapped use your sim card in another phone for a while
• You can also search your personal space with the use detection equipment, this type of gadget can indicate where the microphone or cam is placed
• If want to be sure of your privacy there are other solutions to take into consideration like jammers. These devices are able to block other pieces of equipment that use wireless signals. This is exactly what you need if you suspect your car might have a GPS tracking system on it

The most important thing you should do in a situation where you feel cornered, spied on, watched is remain reasonable. Panicking never helped anyone and it’s not going to help you find the source of your problem so that you can solve it and move on.

What you need to remember if you have proof of this happening is that the person that is doing this will have to take responsibility for his or her actions in accordance with the law regulations. An invasion of privacy can’t be ignored.

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